4 pillars to fitness & health


Things that can be developed through their dedication and effort.

Many diet and exercise programs assume that formulating good eating habits and getting in better shape are all you need.

But that only works for the short term. For long-term success, it’s important to create a game plan that will help guide you through the process and keep you motivated toward a big-picture lifestyle change. Developing the proper mindset will prepare you for everything that comes your way.


Eating right can go a long way toward protecting your health, and understanding the importance of nutrition will help you maintain good eating habits. The path to success isn’t about deprivation, but instead it’s focused on being proactive with your health by combining nutrition and exercise for maximum results. Instead of living to eat, we’re eating to live. Food is seen as a way to fuel your body for optimal energy and production, not as a way of dealing with stress or curbing emotions


Bringing more activity into your life can be as simple as getting up from your chair at work to walk around or stretch. By realizing that there are opportunities throughout your day to be more active, you can view your entire life as a potential workout. And no fitness program can compete with the results you’ll see from moving more—and moving better—every day.


Necessary to overall health, recovery applies to activity, nutrition and mindset. Lengthy workouts six days a week put your body at risk for injury. By mixing hard days with easier “regeneration” days, you allow for recovery time. There are two types of recovery: active and passive. Active recovery refers to low-intensity activity, while passive recovery involves things like massage that require little to no effort.

The end result: You come back stronger and stay fresh.