our approach

Agile is far beyond a fitness training in the gym or a personal training that you can get easily in Mauritius. Our clients are unique, our solutions are tailor made, but our proven approach doesn´t change.

We optimize Fitness and Health individual and tailor made on the basis of four fundamental pillars:  


Developing the proper mindset will prepare you for everything that comes your way.


The path to success isn’t about deprivation, but instead it’s focused on being proactive.


Bringing more activity into your life can be as simple as getting up from your chair to walk around.


Necessary to overall health, recovery applies to activity, nutrition and mindset.

Every client is assessed across a series of criteria covering all aspects of health, lifestyle and fitness. A detailed and unique program is designed for each individual that provides the perfect range of consultation and activities specific to their needs.

This is a truly personalised health and fitness training approach providing now the future of fitness and personal training.


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