Personal Training Mauritius

Welcome to agile, your next level of Personal Training.

We are a small but highly qualified, experienced and international team, 

providing personalised services in 

Fitness, Sports-Physiotherapy and Yoga.

The next level

Our mission is to inspire you in your own personal active healthy lifestyle, and to provide you with the best support and highest international qualifications to attain it.


We understand that Fitness and Health are the foundations of a happy life - and also a matter of trust.


Our guarantee


We possess world class international qualifications (MSc, PhD, internat. diplomas) to support you  for long-term success. 


We provide tailor-made services to suit your needs, knowing the latest scientific proven solutions and future trends.


We  direct our time and competencies toward your personal goals at your preferred location.

Our competencies

We are coaches, consultants, scientists, athletes, humans - understanding the importance of a holistic approach to an active lifestyle and health.  Our customized solutions are built on a foundation of vast experiences, high empathy, strong personal connections and common sense.

Fitness Booster

Personaltraining & Fitness in Maurtius

Fitness is the top priority as it plays a significant role how to perform in life. We know the best ways to improve your performance and health, providing unique tailormade 360° solutions,

international qualified in 

  • Functional Training
  • Sport-Physiotherapy
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition Consultation

Natural Painkiller

Fitness Mauritius

Pain and injuries have multiple causes, significantly reducing the quality of life. We assist recovery with vast knowledge of latest evidence based practice and successful proven experience, specialising in

  • Ankle / Knee / Hip
  • Back / Spine
  • Shoulder
  • Neck

360° Lifestyle


Mauritius is ideal for pamper body and soul. Our proven approach focuses on the 4 pillars of leading a healthy happy life: Nutrition, activity, recovery, mindset. We guarantee best support, highly experienced in

  • Naturopathy
  • Life Coaching
  • Yoga
  • Outdoor-activities


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