Empathy meets Qualification

We are coaches, trainer, consultants, athletes, manager, expats, locals and HUMANS -  highly educated with academic graduation and continuing international education and / or having huge international experience as athletes and world champions.

The next level

We are NOT chasing one licence and so called Diploma after the other, but we use all the knowledge from different fields like Coaching, Sports science, Dietetics, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Physiotherapy -

and from our experiences with hundreds of different clients of different age, sex and culture with their own individual background.


We know that Personal Training is far beyond  exercising 2 times per week.


When are you ready for the next level?





Your team

  • Passionate & qualified
  • Experienced & reliable
  • Common sense & empathy

Our clients

Our clients come with a wide range of goals to us - we create an optimized concept to guide you to the finish line.

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