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The world as we know it - it does not longer exist. In times of Covid19, we all are witnesses of deep crises and uncertainties. But one thing remains and is more than ever most important for all of us:


Your fitness and health.



 at any time at any place - 24 hours / 7 times a week.

what can you expect

Perfect posture

Immune system boost

No more back pain

Higher energy level

Stronger heart & muscles

Mauritius can be truly a paradise - fantastic nature, beautiful beaches, nice climate and last but not least your comfy home. Mauritius also can be the hustle and bustle in the cities, endless wasted time in traffic and crowded gyms with bad air for breathing. We strongly recommend and prefer the 'paradise version'.

Imagine, that there is no need for a gym, no need to rush to your fitness appointment, spending too much time driving in your car. Imagine, you can promote your fitness and health at the place and at the time that suits best for you - with a  support of a truly professional coach with a academic master degree in exercise science and coaching.  

This is exactly our proven competence since more than 20 years.

We provide tailor made solutions exclusively for you, specialized to ensure the best for you and your fitness and health.

Service 1

Fitness is the top priority as it plays a significant role how to perform in life. We know the best ways to improve your performance and health, providing unique tailormade 360° solutions,

international qualified in 

  • Functional Training
  • Sport-Physiotherapy
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition Consultation

Service 1

Pain and injuries have multiple causes, significantly reducing the quality of life. We assist recovery with vast knowledge of latest evidence based practice and successful proven experience, specialising in

  • Ankle / Knee / Hip
  • Back / Spine
  • Shoulder

Service 1

Mauritius is ideal for pamper body and soul. Our proven approach focuses on the 4 pillars of leading a healthy happy life: Nutrition, activity, recovery, mindset. We guarantee best support, highly experienced in

  • Naturopathy
  • Life Coaching
  • Yoga
  • Outdoor-activities

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